Solution-IV® Reprographics TimExpressSolution-IV® Reprographics TimExpress

A time and attendance system that will automatically track employees's punches, calculate hours worked and create a file at the end of each pay cycle. TimExpress will reduce the amount of time it normally takes to prepare payroll, thus eliminating errors associated with processing and provide you with standard reports to help track and manage labor expenses. TimExpress is available as a stand-alone or Solution-IV™ ready product.

How It Works

Employers can track time using the following methods:

  • Touch Screen
  • Bar Code
  • Badge Magnetic Swipe
  • Computer Keyboard/Mouse
  • Various Data Collection Devices

TimExpress graphic

Standard Reporting

TimExpress offers daily, weekly, and monthly reports such as:

  • Exception Late Reporting
  • Vacation/Sick Reporting
  • History Reports
  • Department Schedules
  • Employee Records

Supervisor Functions

TimExpress allows supervisors to create time transactions for employees who fail to punch. This is done under security, which prevents unauthorized punching. It also applies to company's business rules such as rounding, overtime, and shift premium rules in order to calculate the number of hours an employee has worked and how much they should be paid.

TimExpress graphic

Schedule screen

Attendance Variations report

Software Requirements:

Thoroughbred® 8.4.2 & Thoroughbred VIP™ 4.0
Integrates with Thoroughbred's Solution-IV Accounting® Payroll Module