Below is a listing of Thoroughbred Reprographic Affiliations:

ERA logo

"The Eastern Reprographic Association (ERA) was formed in 2009 with the merger of the Eastern Regional Reprographic Association (ERRA) and the Southeastern Reprographic Association (SRA). For the future, the goal of the ERA will be to provide member firms with support, information, publications, and an opportunity to meet, view new technology and interact with their peers."

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APDSP logo

"Our Mission: To serve member firms by providing services, benefits and information which improve member profitability and the industry image, and to provide a forum for the exchange of information."

"Our Vision: The APDSP will be recognized by companies in the reprographics industry as a unique, valuable resource to improve their growth and profitability. The APDSP will identify and unite the industry and communicate to the industry change within the evolving marketplace."

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Peir Group logo

"The PEiR Group – Profit and Education in Reprographics – is a trade association for independent reprographers and reprographic vendors. PEiR's mission is to create a large, unified group of successful reprographers able to influence and advance the industry. We will achieve this by improving the profitability, quality, technology and professionalism of every member through educational programs, strong vendor relationships, and a close relationship with the best technology developers in our industry."

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ReproMAX logo

"Simply put, ReproMAX delivers Digital Asset Management through our exclusive use of ReproMAX DFS, Digital Reprographics, Large- and Small-format Printing and Document Services of the highest quality, in the most demanding business settings, to the widest range of industries and disciplines around the Globe."

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RSA logo

"The RSA is a network of independent businesses operated by stockholders of the Reprographic Services Association(RSA), a cooperative business entity incorporated in the United States."

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