Solution-IV® Reprographics Service ContractSolution-IV® Reprographics Service Contract

The Solution-IV Reprographics Service Contract module helps manage service contract customers and equipment information. Equipment details, service and maintenance billings and calls, dispatch and technician scheduling are supported by the Solution-IV Reprographics Service Contract Module.


The Solution-IV Reprographics Service Contract Module Manages your Service Contracts. Detailed customer, equipment and service call information is managed including:

Contract Information

  • Customer Information
  • Machine Detail
  • Warranty dates
  • Meter Reading
  • Recurring Invoicing
  • Start/End Date

  • Contract Entry

    Contract Entry

Service Calls

  • View Open Calls
  • Track Start/Ending Time
  • How long a job took
  • Invoicing from parts
  • Detail service notes
  • Technician
  • Schedule

  • New Service Calls

The proper management of service contracts is a necessary element in supporting your customers and maintaining maximum up-time of their equipment. Detailed customer and equipment history including preventative maintenance calls, upgrades, consumables and their timely management will lead to improved customer satisfaction, and higher profits. Detailed service call information provides time, materials and service technician information that can determine the profitability of the service call, and the pre and post warranty reliability of the equipment.

There is a Web-based Self Service Option available with the WebServer/Customer Service Module providing your customers the history, and ability to request service automatically over the Internet.

The Solution-IV Service Contract module integrates seamlessly with the Solution-IV Reprographics system and database, adding additional capability for you to manage your business.