Solution-IV® Reprographics Order/Work OrderSolution-IV® Reprographics Order/Work Order

Solution-IV Order/Work Order will generate orders and estimates on various projects (where the specifics of that project are dynamic), reflect the project class components required, and automatically turn them into quotes and orders.

Solution-IV Order/Work Order was designed to generate estimates, create quotes, and work orders quickly and accurately. To create a work order just enter a quantity and select a few options. This module can be used for Large Format B&W/Color, Small Format B&W/Color, Signs, Banners, wraps and just about any other type job. Orders/Estimates are priced using the customer's and item's special pricing. Once complete,the estimate, quote or work order can be automatically generated and then be emailed, faxed, or printed.

Order/Work Order Entry/Maintenance Screen

Estimating Entry/Maintenance screen

Quotes, Orders and Work Orders Automatically Generated

Quotes or Orders Automatically Generated

Order/Work Order Features

  • Customized screens
  • Easy to learn drop downs with the services and products included with that job
  • Dynamic template options
  • Use all pricing and discount structures already setup in Solution-IV
  • Create templates so complex orders can be entered quickly
  • Generate either quote or work order
  • e-Mail, fax, or print quotes and work orders
  • Reusable job templates

The benefits of Solution-IV Order/Work Order include an easy to use prompting interface. Included items and processes display and guide the user to generate the correct and complete information for a quote or order. Solution-IV Order/Work Order is streamlined and efficient and requires little training allowing more of your staff to generate quotes and orders.

Add Order/Work Order to your Solution-IV system today and start saving time and money!