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Reprographics Business Management Software

Thoroughbred's Solution-IV® is the answer to running your Reprographic's business better.

Key Solution-IV Repro features and options include:

  • Integrated Accounting
  • Order Processing and Quoting
  • POS
  • Job Tracking
  • Special Pricing and Discount Options
  • Web-based Customer Service
  • Package/Kit Sales
  • Invoice, Quote, Order e-mail
  • Comprehensive Management Reports
  • e-Dash™ Analytics
  • Discount/Project Pricing
  • Options to customize to your business requirements
  • Great Pricing, Service and Support
  • Multiple Locations/Warehouses
  • Licensed or Cloud versions
  • Data Conversions from existing software

To see all the Solution-IV Repro benefits and modules click here.

We provide full service including Installation, Data Conversion, Training and Support.

For more information, and to schedule a demo, call us at 800-524-0430.

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